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Pig n a poke meaning

See: ' let the cat out of the bag '.
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It's true that the phrase is very old, but actually it can be taken quite literally and remains good advice.Many other European languages amerikaner kortspill 2 spillere have a version of this phrase - most of them translating into English as a warning not to 'buy a cat in a bag'.Translations of a pig in a poke.Sus scrofa (domestic pig typically having a long head with a movable snout, a thick bristle-covered skin, and, in wild species, long curved tusks 2 a domesticated pig weighing more than 120 pounds (54 kg) 3 Informal a dirty, greedy, or bad-mannered person.External links edit, retrieved from " p?titlePig_in_a_Poke oldid ".See: the, list of Proverbs).My Dictionary, create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free!Poke is still in use in several English-speaking countries, notably Scotland and the USA, and describes just the sort of bag that would be useful for carrying a piglet to market.Pig in a Poke is a 1977 Australian series about a Melbourne doctor who moves to Redfern.Fraser's Magazine, 1858, reprinted a piece from Richard Hill's (or Hilles.Scott Murray, Australia on the Small Screen, Oxford Uni Press, 1996 p223.If a merchant tried to cheat by substituting a lower value animal, the trick could be uncovered by letting the cat out of the bag.
The advice has stood the test of time and people have been repeating it in one form or the other for getting on for five hundred years, maybe longer.
It has a French origin as 'poque' and, like several other French words, its diminutive is formed by adding 'ette' or 'et' - hence 'pocket' began life with the meaning 'small bag'.
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What's the origin of the phrase 'A pig in a poke'?
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'Don't buy a pig in a poke' might seem odd and archaic language.1, references edit,.This remains the guiding principle of commerce in many countries and, in essence, supports the view that if you buy something you take responsibility to make sure it is what you intended to buy.9 a pig in a poke something bought or received without prior sight or knowledge 10 make a pig of oneself, informal to overindulge oneself 11 on the pig's back (Irish and.Z.) successful; established he's on the pig's back now .A pig that's in a poke might turn out to be no pig at all.A pig in a poke is an offer or deal that is foolishly accepted without being examined first.

N 1   any artiodactyl mammal of the African and Eurasian family Suidae, esp.
John Heywood included something nearer to our modern-day version of the phrase.