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Poke программ

When you are left with only two locations, click the "Add all locations" and then click "Next".
It works with most online casino mercur single-player games out there.
Finding the location where an interesting value is stored, and then modifying that location to something that better suits your needs is not an impossible task - and it's a snap with Poke.Pause the game if you can then ALT-TAB back to Poke and enter this value into the input field, then click "Next".Remember how much you have, go to Poke, and find the two memory locations.Go into the game then find out the current value of the property.You can click 'Current value' and edit the amount - or you can click the Lock checkbox to keep the value unchanged.It does NOT work with multiplayer games.Revision History.0.1 (Nov-22, 2008 significant speed improvements, minor UI updates.0.0 (2000).Some games may be tougher to fool than others, and some may have what looks like active protection against outside tampering.Coincidentally, it also sucks ass to cheat in multiplayer games, and we wouldn't want you to have the program for that purpose anyway.In a computer game, most numerical values are stored 'as is' in memory.Poke will most likely work with any game out there.
Repeat if you like.
When you get the screen below, go back to the game and do something that causes the value to change.
The Poke Search Wizard will start.Double-click your game in the list.Remember the new value and come back to Poke.You are now back at the main dialog, with the memory location you just found showing in the list.You may need to repeat the above step a few times.Upon returning to the game, you will have plenty.We wrote this program many years ago and it's been available for free for a while.The main Poke dialog will appear: Click on 'Add.' to add a memory location.

Kill one monster to trigger a level check - and bingo, you have gained a few levels.
When you have the two locations where Experience is stored, edit them with the Lock method, so that you will skip several levels.
It's a small program that allows you to cheat in every game out there - published or to be published in the future.