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Ark taming bonus levels

This command has the following arguments: Player Name Name of the player you wish to add to the tribe Player Name Name of the second player you wish to add to the tribe New Tribe Name What the newly created tribe should be named GameCommand.
Last-modified: 18:14:58, aRK Server Manager, ark Server Manager(ASM).
Note: due to the weight of all these resources, your movement speed may be severely hindered.
Not all items have a numerical item ID, so it may be best to use the GiveItemToPlayer command instead.0.5 for 50 SetFacialHairStyle admincheat SetFacialHairStyle Facial Hair ID This command will set the style of your facial hair, relative to the facial hair ID specified (0-7).BanPlayer admincheat BanPlayer Steam ID This command bans the player with the steam ID provided, kicking them from the server and preventing them from ever reconnecting.J'avais peut-être oublié de préciser que je suis sur serveur dédié non officiel et que je suis hébergé par nitrado Message édité le à 16:47:35 par alpha-78 en solo si tu coches une certaine option (je sais plus comment elle apple spil børn penge s'appelle) t'augmente énormément certains paramètres.This command has the following arguments: Multiplier The number you wish to multiply your size by, given as a decimal,.5 would half your size, 2 would double it, etc ClearPlayerInventory admincheat ClearPlayerInventory Player ID Inventory Slot Items Equipped Items This command will clear the.This command has the following arguments: Player ID The ID (UE4 ID) of the player you wish to set the tribe of ForcePlayerToJoinTribe admincheat ForcePlayerToJoinTribe Player ID Tribe Name This command forces the player with the specified ID to join the specified tribe.This command has the following arguments: Hour:Minute:Second The time, given as hours:minutes and optionally hours:minutes:seconds,.g.DestroyTribeStructures admincheat DestroyTribeStructures This command destroys all of the structures that belong to the tribe of the thing you are currently looking.Categories are: pawns, dinos, tamed, players, wild, structures Radius The radius (centered is your position) you wish to kill all entities within LeaveMeAlone admincheat LeaveMeAlone This command will put you in god mode (God give you infinite stats (InfiniteStats) and make creatures not attack you.Summon admincheat Summon Entity ID This command will spawn a creature, relative to the entity ID specified.AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck admincheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck Steam ID This command adds a player to the server's whitelist, using their numerical Steam.GetPlayerIDForSteamID GetPlayerIDForSteamID Steam ID This command may not work currently (due to a bug).
GiveColors admincheat GiveColors Amount This command gives you every dye in the game, specify an amount to receive multiple of each dye (relative to the amount specified,.g.
This command has the following arguments: Player ID The player ID of the player you wish to kill KillAOE KillAOE Category Radius This command will destroy all of the specified category within the specified radius.
Bon, l'exp, j'en ai rien à cirer, on monte très très vite et ça change pas grand chose (pour moi) d'être level 1 ou 100 (en dehors d'apprendre les engrammes).
This command has the following arguments: Entity ID The entity ID (same as creature ID) of the creature you wish to spawn, see our creature ID list for more information.
This command has the following arguments: Command SDF admincheat SDF Creature ID Tamed This command spawns a creature in-front of you with a random level, relative to the creature ID specified.
This command has the following arguments: Type The weather type -.g.Stat Stat Stat Type This command toggles on-screen debug information for the specified stat.UnbanPlayer admincheat UnbanPlayer Steam ID This command will unban a player from the server, relative to the Steam ID specified.If tamed with this command, creatures can be ridden without a saddle.This command does not affect players (only creatures).KillPlayer admincheat KillPlayer Player ID This command will kill the player with the player ID specified.