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Atc slot decoder

In simple terms, an electronic flight strip is a way for an air traffic controller to see all the slot bellevue berlin relevant information about a specific aircraft; what its doing and where its going.
Each day lotto numbers 17 dec 2016 during westerly operations, Heathrow swaps over its departure and arrivals runways to provide noise respite to local communities, while the take-off direction is down to the prevailing wind.At Heathrow all the holding points have themed names.For Runway 27L its Scottish lochs, so for example we have lokki, nevis and nessi.For the return flight, Heathrow would be egll.There are actually different types of strip and as a tower controller Im going to walk you through what I use: Electronic Flight Progress System (efps).Inhaltsbereich, the aviation industry knows 2 different types of slot which are not related to each other: The air traffic control (ATC) slot is needed by each ATC regulated departing flight on the actual day of operation to avoid congested airways.First is the slot time, by which we mean the calculated take-off time.
One of the departure controllers primary tasks is to make sure you depart aircraft in the best and most efficient order possible, taking into account their departure route and wake category.
If for example it was capable of departing from an intersection instead of using the whole runway, wed add a comment here.
Runway 09R has holds named after historic aircraft manufacturers, including horka and vikas.
Most people are familiar with the iata codes such as LGW and LHR, but here the first two letters indicate a country in this case Switzerland and then the airport Geneva.
Ideally you group similar sized aircraft together and try to ensure departures are heading in diverging directions to get maximum runway throughput.
Allocated slot times are based on the planned on-block (arrival) and off-block (departure) times.In the next section we have information on the aircrafts wake category important for getting the right separation distances and type.Finally, MID is short for Midhurst and refers to the Standard Instrument Departure (SID) route the flight will take.LOK is short for lokki.This shows the ideal time for us to get a flight airborne to fit in with airspace regulations en-route.A while back nats tweeted an image of the electronic flight strip and a follower asked if wed explain the information the strip contains.LOK refers to one of the holding points around the airport.If there was a need to take the aircraft off its prescribed routing, this would be recorded here.Although we do get some Visual Flight Rules pr sloterdijk tarief traffic at Heathrow, such as police helicopters flying through the control zone, the vast majority of our traffic operates as IFR.Of course this may change depending on a whole range of factors, from the weather through to any airspace capacity restrictions, so it gets updated automatically.Lsgg this shows the icao location indicator.