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3) Comes with 4 pictures of Steiner and a postcard of "Fliegerhorst Kompanie Rheine".
Comes with a "Berufwettkampf" certificate.
He would never become a fighterpilot for some reason and served with securing units within the Luftwaffe for the rest of his career.What makes this card above interst is the short discription of Deiters military career.on offer here comes mounted in a professional framed display: therefore are condition and colours nicely preserved.Waffen SS "Schütze" - Zakopane 1942.As can be seen on the entry picture Dippel was a veteran with several awards who probably was not fit for active front duty anymore and therefor was stationed at an airfield.Wieshuber was trained with the "Gew.302(f (French rifle) and also trained for "Panzernahbekämpfung" ( tank killing).Mlodoch ended his military service with "Kriegsgefangene Bau und Arbeits Batl.26" (POW building and working battalion 26) Intersting Wehrpass with lots of entries!A pile of info and uncountable pictures and historical subjects of ecspecially SS units and the efforts to determine the fate of many lost soldiers.Rgt.388 which was a independent Gren.Manual "Pistole 08" Manual folder for the "Pistole 08" Manual "Pistole 38" Hornburg Official army issue "Pistole 38" manual.Complete with all of its glued -inn pictures."Wehrmacht-Fahrlehrerschein" (intructors-lecense) -Pegels "Wehrmacht-Fahrlehrerschein" (intructors-lecense) of "Unteroffizier" Heinz Pegels who served as instructor.Rare studio-portrait depicting a (Dutch-) nskk-man.
If displayed in the proper way, an eyecatcher!
Wehrpaß WH (Heer) - * KC recipient * -.Div.- Krieger Wehrpaß of "Hauptmann" and commander of Gren.
The SB comes with a very interesting paper-inlay wherein is is stated that Meier (being a 'Pionier helped to clear over 2 million mines in Holland (as is acknowledged within the specific certificate signed by both a German and Dutch senior-officer (see pictures).
Kurt Pflieger (RK ) 2) EK II award document dated and issued by the "Armee.Q." The document was signed by "Der Oberbefehlshaber der mee" General der Infanterie Friedrich Hossbach (RK,EL ) This very brave general was to be killed at the end of the.
Like every confiscated ship this example was used for a new function.
The document has been signed by "Generalleutnant" and divisional commander Kurt Herzog (RK,EL ).O.T.(Organisation Todt) Dienstbuch - "Askania" -.B.L.West - Domning Dienstbuch of Ernst Domning who served/worked with/for a so-called "Frontarbeiter" Domning worked as a "Zimmerer" (Carpenter) for the Winschild und Langelott company at the top secret "Wolfsschanze (Wolfslair) in 1941 42 when.T.This man of the "Technische Nothilfe" served in France, Belgium and Holland.This can be considered as a rare document set of this once fierced "Schlachtschiff!Eichler Award document/drivers license of "Gefreiten" Alfred Eichler who served within.Büsher has been to Africa within the "DAK" and has been involved in fightings at "Festung Tobrük" and was hit by a "Bombentreffer".(bomb explosion) and hospitalized in "Feldlazarett Bengazi" (Bengazi fieldhospital) Büsher seems to have been discharged of active service due to his African adventure.Kühn served with several units which were part of the.Pz.Lots of pictures that state the glorious fightings of especially Gebirgsjäger, Fallschirmjäger and naval soldiers under command of General Dietl and Feuerstein.Note the fact in every picture he changes with awards.August 1944) The story of "Generaloberst" Ritter von Greim is interesting enough to take a look online casino bonus gå i gang at yourself!Interesting division and commander!1) EK II award document of "Feldwebel" Niederprüm.Period book "Mit dem K dürch Frankreich" Erinnerungsbilder der "Gruppe von Kleist" the well known commemorative book concerning the succesfull invasion of France by "Armeegruppe von Kleist" 242 pages of victory!Postcard "Deutscher Kolonialbund" Postcard "Deutscher Kolonialbund" Not often seen subject!