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Bonus loot legion

bonus loot legion

Facial Horror : According to Caesar, he turned on his own tribe after their lider surrended to the Legion and took down lottoland gratis guthaben fifty of them, but ended up slots is it worth it with his face severily deformed.
Find out what you can.
Hypocrite : He looks down on the Courier for being a "profligate" and not a true member of the Legion even if they provide his faction aid, yet has tobacco and alcohol products in his office, which is prohibited by Caesar's laws (although they may.Arcade even gives you props for the accuracy of your historical re-enactment.Depending on your Karma, he'll even threaten to rape a female Courier if you challenge him to single combat.Gratuitous Latin : Their entire culture is based on the Roman Empire, and they love to use Latin in their speeches.Justified by the game making the point that killing Caesar won't stop the Legion, and Lanius has just taken control without him.Ax-Crazy : Most of the Legion members you meet are a bunch of psychotic thugs looking to rape, torture, and murder everyone they come across.Pride : Oh boy.
They are currently aiming to push the NCR out of the area and conquer the Mojave Wasteland and, one day, California.
To a Good Karma Courier as well.
API key and can cancel your incoming trades.
Noble Demon : In contrast to most of the Legion members you meet, Lucius is a fairly decent guy.
Please follow these steps to make your account secure again.If the Courier is male he'll be willing to set up fights for them against Legion slaves and even NCR soldiers.Made of Iron : He can take 5 anti-tank rounds to the face without even slowing down.Bait the Dog : Double Subverted.Manchild : He has toys and a Grognak comic book in his office.General Failure : He's better than Graham tactically, but strategically he has absolutely no idea what he's doing.The Dreaded : Most of the NCR is scared of him, and rightly.What pile of excrement did the lieutenant pluck you from, worm?" A captured Legion Centurion who is being interrogated by Lieutenant Carrie Boyd at the Camp McCarran NCR military base.What handily sums it up is that Sallow subjects his men to Roman punishments that the actual Caesar never did.In this sense, he somewhat resembles Frank Horrigan, down to there being no way to talk him out of his madness.Light Is Not Good : Invoked by his name, which is Latin for "light".If you play your cards right, you can even invert.