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De kungliga slotten

The row also abuts the Outer Courtyard and casino online italiani the two curved wings, Högvaktsflygeln in the north and the Kommendantsflygeln in the south.
Each figure is approx.
A triumphal arch in splendid Baroque style framed the entrance and the stairwell in the middle of the southern facade, and niches for statues were placed at every second window ledge.At an early stage of the conversion in the 1690s, a number of elderly Swedish artists such as David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl and Johan Sylvius, were still alive and they contributed with artistic work to bellis casino colombo the completion of the northern row, in particular to the Royal.In 2008, the National Property Board of Sweden, which is responsible for the maintenance of the palace, found that the sandstone had partially disintegrated and the weathering was only getting worse.Lejonbacken, which was to lead up to the north gate from the east as well as from the west, was never completed before the fire and is only mentioned in the drawings.64 Ever since the palace was built in the 18th century, the weathering of the sandstone has been a problem and this has accelerated since the oil paint was removed from the stone during the renovation in the 1890s.44 The facades of the palace were each given their own design and not the same as the original northern row.
The changing of the guards is a ceremony and tourist attraction held at the Outer Courtyard of the palace, seen by approximately 800,000 people each year.
It was introduced for the Riksdag of 1755.
Older walls can also be found higher up in large parts of the northern row's facade walls.
The ideas were not approved by King Charles XII who wanted the Helgeandsholmen for himself.
"The Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry".
52 From the eastern facade, two wing projects towards the east.94 Museums edit The museums housed in the palace are: Livrustkammaren, Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities, The Treasury and The Tre Kronor Museum."Kunglig paradvåning visas för en dag" Royal apartment to be shown during just one day.Between the sculptures there are two plaques honoring King Oscar II on the south side and Charles XII on the north side.According to a plan from before the fire, the palace was to be in a square shape without any wings in austere Roman Baroque style, essentially with the rest of the rows looking like the northern row.Author Georg Svensson, wrote about King Oscar II that "his goal was to complete the construction of the palace as intended in Tessin's plans in a manner worthy of this monument".At the Helgeandsholmen he planned a horse racing stadium for equestrian games and other forms of entertainments, a bear-garden was also to be built.From west to the east the sculptures depict: Paris and Helen, Boreas and Orithyia, Pluto and Proserpina, Romulus and Hersilia.The coat of arms itself and the wings of the goddesses are made by Claude Henrion while the rest of the group is made by Bernard Foucquet the Elder.The group were made at the initiative of King Oscar II to fill the previously empty niches in the triumphal arch.The statues are approximately.8 metres (9.2 ft) tall, made of zinc by Johan Axel Wetterlund.

This symbolizes the gathering of both the worldly and the divine power in one place.