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Discord pokemon bots

level Search for pokémon by level.
If everything was working and all commands still work but spawns never appear to happen (wait at least a few hours with good server activity; spawns are based on chat frequency what may need to happen is you need to make a new channel.
Sign up, latest commit 544c5d6, jun 12, 2018, permalink.Use p!mega to toggle Mega Evolution state rather than having them hold the stone in battle.Is a bit annoying to type.It is thus important to know Natures and IVs for individual pokemon, tiers and matchups and all the strategy in a normal pokemon game.Basically the best Legendary or Mega evo you have will always win.Type p!start to get started, then p!pick (starter name) to select a starter.Support my guides and articles on Patreon!Since deleting a long-running channel can be such a big deal in a server (plus since not everyone wants to see the pokecord spam I strongly recommend making a separate channel just for pokecord, otherwise there may be no easy way to fix this with.There is a pretty brief timer on move selection, If one player cant start a duel because the bot says theyre already in a (canceled/completed) fight, try having the other party start the battle instead.
Added: 8 months ago, updated: 8 months ago, created by: miles#6969.
Order Options: -order lvl ascending/descending Order results by pokémon level.
P!redirect disable Disables redirecting of spawns p!clearspawns enabledisable With this enabled, the bot will remove the image/post of a pokemon spawn after its caught.
Status/stat changing moves do not work at all.
Pokemon gender, meaning some evolutions are presumably random?
order iv ascending/descending Order by the sum of the pokémons IVs.defiv Search for pokémon by their Defense.Each pokemon has base stats, IVs, a Nature, Moves, and can potentially.type Search for pokémon by type.P!select (pokemon) Sets your active pokemon to the input number use p!select latest to select your last caught pokemon, useful for quick Nicknaming.Consider changing the prefix early too so people get used to it, p!When a pokemon appears, the first to correctly p!catch it gets.Quickstart, once the bot is in your server, pokemon will start to spawn based on time and number of posts.It also offers discord-bot discord selfbot pokeball-selfbot pokecord python pokemon pokecord-discord-bot catch-pokemon pokecord-hack, python Updated Apr 21, 2019, extraConcentratedJuice / pokecord-catcher.Advertisements, my, discord Server started playing Pokecord and its not exactly well documented, so I thought Id make a guide with basics and commands to help people get going!Also abilities dont appear to be implemented (RIP Shedinja) and held items are also only dan slott run spider man for evolution.shiny Search for shiny pokémon.