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The points players örby slottspark earn from your event will apply to the next available Championship Season.
Can I compete with two different BattleTags in Ranked Play?
Events must be submitted at least 15 days before they are set to run to be considered for points.Residency Requirements In order to compete in a Season Championship, Last Call Invitational, Season Preliminaries, or Fireside Gathering Tournament, all participants must be a resident of a country within the home regions for each event.Each of these five regions will have its own regional qualifier.How do I make sure my event can award points to players?Minimum Player registration cap : All events must account for a minimum of 128 open-registration players to be able to sign.Based on feedback from last years tournaments, weve made the following changes for 2016: More local champions.Three players from each region will be invited directly to the World Championship.For Ranked Play, this also includes providing points to every player that achieves the Legend Rank in an eligible season.The winners (Tavern Heroes) of these tournaments will be entered into their regions Season Preliminaries alongside the 128 players invited from the Rankings.If you have any questions about the residency requirements, email, and we can begin the verification process.With multiple Fireside Gatherings serving as the setting for the Season Preliminaries that lead into the Season Championships, there are more opportunities for you to attend a local event to either compete or cheer on your favorite players.If points for your tournament have not been awarded two weeks after your tournament has concluded, please email to inquire about your tournaments status.The Winter Championships will use a modified Conquest format with a ban.
If a tournament is planning to use a different format, please contact to verify fairness and then it may be added to this list: Group play Single-Elimination Double-Elimination Swiss Round-Robin Any combination of the above formats organized into distinct rounds Event Sponsors : Events must.
Spring Season Format Changes The Spring Preliminaries will continue to be played as a best-of-five and use the Conquest format with 4 decks and 1 ban.
Player Eligibility : Events must be open to all eligible players from a published region or set of published regions.
BlizzCon on November 4 and.
No instant byes in Hearthstone Majors.
Point distribution has been rebalanced.
At the start of each best-of-five series, each player will inform their opponent of the four classes that they have brought.Match Formats : Tournaments must follow a pre-approved match format to be eligible for awarding points.Required Reporting : The tournament organizer must use a bracket system with BattleTags and results viewable by Blizzard.The players will then inform the admin which of their opponents classes they wish to ban.They can be seeded in the same round as other openly registered players.If this is not set to the country you wish to compete in, you must update the t accounts country of residence prior to competing.If a tournament is planning to use a different format, please contact to verify fairness and then it may be added to this list: Last Hero Standing Conquest 4 Hero 1 Ban Conquest Blind-Pick Best-of-5 Tournament Format : Tournaments must be structured with an overall.

After the preliminary tournament, points will decay and begin accumulating again to be used to determine top players for the next Season Preliminaries.