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How to make stick n poke ink

Cut out a pr sloterdijk vol tongue piece and glue it inside the mouth.
You should not choose an area gratis søndags spins that is near open sores, boils, abrasion, infected wounds or a mucus membrane.2.2 Prepare the area and the tools youll need for your stick and poke tattoo.Fold the cardboard in half along the score line.Adults should always supervise children when using glue guns or other potentially harmful craft equipment.Cut out some tan fabric such as tan fake fur or a tan fuzzy sock and glue it around the front of the ears back to the hump.Be sure to read our short guide on how to safely remove your tattoo gloves.Glue on the eyes, eyelashes and ears.Lift up the wing so it doesn't stick to the newspaper.Put the bag back into the cup and press it around the sides.Follow the easy to make sock puppets directions above using a black sock.Tattooing the Outline Start by taking out the needle from its package, being careful not to poke yourself on the sharp tip.More Puppet Crafts You can find more puppets and Puppet Ideas on our Pinterest board.Tracing the Stick and Poke Tattoo Ideally, you should proceed with a tattoo pen or a tattoo stencil (also called tattoo paper).Cut out nose shapes from black felt, ear shapes from different colors of felt, and tongue shapes from pink felt.Mark on the sock with chalk 1/2" beyond the end of the mouthpiece.
Know that all the equipment that was on your working area or in contact with the tattoo should be considered to be medical waste.
Quick and Easy Sheep or Lamb Sock Puppet This sock puppet is easier to make than the full mouth sock puppet above, but the mouth doesn't have as much movement so it is harder to make it look like it is talking, and doesn't show.
Cut out the mouth shape with the card-board folded in half.If you used a pen, this might erase your tracing.Then stuff the puppet with rags or newspaper and glue the orange felt around the neck of the puppet Donkey Puppet - The donkey puppet was made using the same technique.Punch tiny holes above the eyes and insert the pipe cleaner through one hole and back up through the other hole.Insert the folded mouthpiece into the sock so that the curved ends are facing the toe end of the sock.Open up a paper bag and place your hand inside.

Remove the ink and rubbing alcohol containers from your work area to prevent cross contamination (your hands touching the tattoo and then these bottles is cross contamination).
You can add different features to make an endless array of puppets.
See Copyright Information Snake Sock Puppet What you will need: Sock with Texture Low Temp Mini Glue Gun Pink Felt Squares Cardboard from Cereal Box or Thicker Cardboard to Make the Mouth Chalk Scissors, Eyes, Permanent Markers How to Make the Snake Sock Puppet.