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How to pronounce pokemon names gen 3

how to pronounce pokemon names gen 3

More like this., My Japanese friend and what is pokedex in pokemon go I decided to compare the names of Pokemon from the original Japanese to English!
Now what if you had a British accent?
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Specifically the Japanese Pokemon names!Like the dial on a clock or a diamond?" close, but no, it's actually pronounced DEE-ull-guh.RAY-kway-ZUH, rayquaza's name is related to the word Quasar (qway-ZAR) which is a bright and dense location in outer space.More like this., Just a quick video scrolling through every Pokémon groupe casino recrtutement4 up to Generation V showing off how to properly pronounce each and every name and forme.IT'S nda 9) Patrat, i'm running out of ideas so deal with this guy, Patrat is pronounced PUH-trat like "patrolling" (I used to call it PAT-RAT) 10) Regice.What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations?Patreon m/Gnoggin, direct Donate /Lockstin, merch!
More like this., Here's how to properly pronounce some Pokemon from Pokemon Sun Moon.
Lockstin Gnoggin 394.773 views9 months ago sara slott lausanne 1:37, how to correctly pronounce Pokemon Names.
Today we cross the Hoenn region and directly translate and explain where each name comes from!
More like this., gotta correctly pronounce 'EM ALL!
Have you ever wondered what Pokemon use as their names in Japan?
The Garbodors.132 views4 months ago 10:11, pokémon Name Pronunciation (Kanto ace Trainer Liam.219 views8 months ago 8:02, pronouncing Pokemon names in British and American accents.
XP it actually makes sense if you think about.The Name origin and etymology!Now how about Ekans?Erik Shaw.572 views2 years ago 30:52, pokédex 3D Pro- ALL Pokémon Pronunciations 3DS.Gnoggin X Bird Keeper Toby.Erik Shaw.705 views2 years ago 3:56 91-Year-Old Grandma Guesses Pokemon Names, our Epic Life.165.506 views1 year ago 3:26, how to Pronounce Pokémon Names: Gen.Daylightful.294.230 views3 years ago 4:35 How to pronounce Pokemon Names (according to Google Translate) :mecha: :shadow: 84 views3 years ago Next page ».It's interesting how we change.Follow me on Twitch!When some of us fans were probably younger, we used to pronounce Phanpy as fan-phee when it's actually pronounced fan-PEE yay for weird Pokemon names!Delta is OUT, bonus linoone is pronounced LIE-noon, but I will forever pronounce it LIN-OON, shows just how people can't get over a pronunciation, so don't get offended if it seems I'm telling you to waste your life pronouncing Pokemon names, because I know I'm.