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Poke root powder

Potency: Fresh herb / menstruum (alcohol and water) ratio: 1:2.
It was certainly tasty (especially with the fatback!
And with these, you don't need to toss out the cooking water (and a lot of nutrients with it).If you take way too much (such as mistaking droppersful for drops, which some people have done!Sort by: DateAverage rating must styrelsen for slotte og kulturejendomme job have, rating: keep this product on hand for any ailment.Studies in Germany and the United States are even finding positive results with HIV, cancer and lymphoma.Growing up in the Northeast, I loved playing with the purple pokeberries, painting designs on my skin.
Remember, everyone's tolerance and needs are different.
They range in size from a large carrot to a construction cone.
Suggested Dosage: Shake well.
Looking for our poke root salve or poke root oil instead?
I cut the dosage back to five drops and the side effects vanished, but the tincture was still very effective in helping resolve the Lyme disease.Her early initiation into the herbal world included an extensive apprenticeship with Susun Weed.Through two decades of teaching, as well as founding Red Moon Herbs in her home community, Earthaven Ecovillage, Corinna has opened countless hearts to the wisdom of the plants and their own bodies.As anyone who's ever tried to pull up a poke plant knows, getting anything but the smallest roots out of the ground is a project.Poke root can also be made into an oil simply by substituting oil for alcohol.So if you find yourself cursing this "dangerous, noxious weed" in your yard or garden this spring, just remember that if you let a few plants thrive until fall, they can reward you with some very powerful medicine - not to mention beautiful purple berries.

Quality of the product, rating: Poke Roost is not easy to find especially wild crafted.