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Pokemon youtubers

"That's a serious allegation.
They were told their videos contravened's community guidelines because "YouTube prohibits uploading.
"I have no ill will towards the platform because of it, but there could have been better communication.".
"My Club Penguin video had been flagged for sexual content he said.Any type of activity that sexualises minors".Popularrs, mystic7, Trainer Tips and, marksman, who have more than.5 million pok loc map subscribers between them, were among those who had their accounts deleted after posting videos of themselves playing Pokemon.YouTuber Billiam Thies told the BBC that not only was his channel removed, but his entire Google account was deleted as well - a move that Google, who owns, now admits was a mistake.Google has backtracked after "mistakenly" deleting the accounts of several prominentrs over incorrect child abuse fears.
According to, if a person believes that their video has been mistakenly removed, a different reviewer will reassess it - and in this case, the videos were re-reviewed and the accounts were reinstated.
This has led to consternation, with popular Pokemon GOr Mystic criticising the company amidst what some labelled a "total lack of communication".
"Though my account is back, I have to appeal the claim on that video.
It is not clear how many people had their accounts removed in error, but it appears that all of the accounts have been reinstated after people took to social media to complain.
"People on Twitter were letting me know my account was down he said.
They have been criticised for this lack of clarity, with gamingr Thinknoodles, who has.1 million subscribers, questioning this on Twitter.Google chose not to comment on whether this was the source of the issue, however it would explain why communities outside of Pokemon were also affected.Google did not clarify whether this process is performed by a human, or a computer."But because my Google account was terminated as well I didn't have access to my email so I couldn't see what happened.".Image copyright Getty Images Image captionrs who discussed popular mobile game Pokemon GO were affected.