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Safest way to do stick and poke tattoos

safest way to do stick and poke tattoos

Tattoo ink is ideal, but India ink is more easily accessible and just as safe.
The main components of any home tattoo kit are needles and ink.
Testing (optional some recommend testing the stick and poke tattoo needle in the skin without ink.You can also stay on the safe side by purchasing pre-packaged sterilized needles, or your very own stick-and-poke kit to ensure needle safety in order to prevent unsightly infections, because nobody is trying to have an oozing Popeye tattoo on their forearm."I got a sad face on myself, and she got a heart.Wait to do touch ups until after the tattoo is completely healed, which can take up to two months.After you shave, sterilize your skin with rubbing alcohol.
Never, ever, ever reuse needles!
You should also make sure to shave the area and have it as cleaned and moisturized as possible (for smooth drawing).
"The atmosphere when you're getting a stick-and-poke tattoo is much more relaxed March says.
As an additional safety measure, never use the same shaver twice.While we dont officially recommend this 1000 because its you using needles on yourself, since youre probably going to try it anyway, heres what you should know if youre gonna go for.Never reuse or share needles.Tattoo ink is the only type of ink you should use, but not always easy to find.3, free online slot games mega jack clean and shave your chosen area.You will easily know the needle is going into the skin by feeling it breaking the surface layer of skin.You'll need a few other things before you start putting needle to flesh.

Home tattooing puts you at risk for serious infections and may be illegal in some places.