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Coronation In Monsters Inc, what is the name of the work area?
Merlin 09/20/2004 What popular attraction was originally designed by Marc Davis for the Mineral King Resort?
Poseidon Who was the second person to voice Mickey Mouse?What acts as the portal between the monsters world, and the humans world?Camp Inch What organization is Mrs.Ed Asner Who was the first Disney Legend inductee?26 10/30/2018 In Alice in Wonderland, who lures the oysters from their bed?Sleeping Beauty What was the name of the short sequel film of Frozen that was shown before the live action version of Cinderella?Walter Pfeiffer - The act was called "The Two Walts" 12/21/2005 What color was not prominently used in Pocahontas until the final scene just before the battle in order to make it more dramatic?Space Mountain 05/14/2007 In fox and the hound 2, who is the lead singer of "the danske bank euro i automat singin strays" named after?I may not have a dime, but I got street savoire faire" are song lyrics from what Disney animated film?Nomanisan What ride at Disney was once called General Electric's Progressland?Windsday In a Bugs Life, what location is the Grasshopper Gang at before coming to collect the food from the Ants?I also at one point ruled the sea." What Villain Am I?Marc Davis 05/25/2011 What film was Walt Disney talking about when he said.
Khan In Lilo and Stitch, what is considered to be Stitchs greatest weakness?
Vice President Richard Nixon 03/27/2009 According to the song lyric, which character "ought to be locked up and never released"?
Plastic Corrosion Awareness What is the name of the town where Chicken Little takes place?
Green Acres 05/24/2016 What sequence from Fantasia was originally omitted in the video release due to the fact that parents felt it was too scary for children?
Don Rickles What star constellation is seen in the sky in the Lion King when Mufasa explains to Simba that the stars are old kings?Max Some time ago we had the question.Laverne, is named after Laverne Andrews, one of The Andrews Sisters.Disneyland Paris 05/20/2004 In Home on the Range, which of Lucky Jack?Aztec Gold 06/29/2006 What year did Mary Poppins debut in theaters?Showkeepers 05/14/2012 What does Pooh do in his Thoughtful spot?Charles Dickens 12/29/2009 What song does Donald Duck sing as he heads to work in The Riveter?Jose Carioca and Panchito 11/21/2011 What is the name of Donald Duck's boat?