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Stick and poke with pen ink removal

Get an ice tray and make a few ice cubes with bugs.
Inside, leave some embarrassing items (xxxl-sized underwear, Justin Beiber fan magazines, giant tube of hemorroid cream, etc.).Add eye shadow to go on your eye-lid all the slotte i loire dalen way to brow.I decided that as well as the helmet, I also wanted each stratosphere hotel casino & tower best western premier collection warrior to have an individual shield decoration instead of the famous lambda insignia.Sit at your desk and make fax and modem noises.I say go for it!Paint the tips with clear nail polish.
Find a similar color food dye and put it in their shampoo.
OR, Pee, or Bleed on the returned paper paper you have to send back.
But Im a hopeless romantic and love to watch snow fall in the evening hours, twinkle in the morning sunshine, and lay like a pristine sparkling carpet when I walk, ski, or snowshoe in the nearby park/woods.
Ill be honest, halfway through I began to regret casino københavn maskiner my obsessive streak and started dreaming of easier hobbies, like crocodile dentistry or extreme self-immolation.If you look at the photos above, you can see the quality of the lines the marker made on felted woven wool.I am of late trying to adapt my style to the finish Im after, rather than adapting the finish I can achieve to the style I am used to, but I still use layering more often than not.Press N Seal traced text placed on wool close up of Press N Seal traced text placed on wool.Kidnapped Take an item from the victims office (something they use a lot such as a special coffee cup, stapler, pencil cup, etc.).Not exactly fine lines; depending on what you are doing, they do provide what one might call line guidance.In the first photo, you will see that I laid out my Press N Seal, along with my computer made text which was made to size for the piece.To be honest, Id never even heard of them, but when I had a peek at their boxed sets I very quickly blew the moths from my interweb wallet and made my purchase.Right before you know your victim will be in the area by themselves, sneak in a press play.Preferably one that is attached to the ground or very heavy.These pens make it possible to trace a design and then transfer that tracing to your wool much like embroidery transfers.

Sulky transfer marking pens, one of the last products I will talk about is the Sulky Iron On Tranfer Pens.
Throughout April Fools day, when each person is around the victim, they should pretend to smell something stinky.
Whoever had the ugliest chair will probably be happily surprised to see their new chair, and the boss will probably be embarrassed to have to come and take it away.