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Strat roulette h1z1

Mirage T The mega Snake by /u/joelbror B halls Underpass Mid TSpawn Palace out down Short Tspawn Mid Cat Plant B if short on time otherwise CT Plant.
If you fall off you must ignore all enemies and hop back onto the ladder.
All Maps T Firing Squad by /u/snakehunter23 Everyone buys Scouts/AWPs and shoots only when the team captain says 'Fire!' All Maps T Overkill by /u/snakehunter23 Everyone must bring a secondary primary weapon with them by shooting it around the map, every time they get.
All Maps T CT The Top Down Director by /u/Knine9000 One man tabs and commands the entire team (eg.Subreddit for the game H1Z1 by Daybreak Game Company.All Maps T The Big Fake by /u/Desertions No flashbangs.All Maps T Siamese Twins by /u/FreakyWolf All players must be touching each other for the whole round, no one gets loose.Season CT Prisoner's Dilemma by /u/loves_being_that_guy Have everyone change their name to f0rest and camp in jail.All Maps T CT Canadian Warfare by /u/Wilsterd When you kill someone a'poke webshop immediately type 'I'm Sorry' in chat.All Maps T CT 360 and Walk Away by /u/Jackalot Whenever you get a kill, do a 360 and throw your gun in the air.Dust 2 T 1000m Hurdles by samden41 Non stop jumping up and down A long until you either die or kill the enemy team.All Maps T CT Oldschool Noob by Anonymous Shoot using spacebar (bind space attack).By /u/StroodleN00dle You can only use the S key to move around.The last guy alive has to go get the care package in spawn and try to clutch the round.After the 3rd circle the remaining Ts alive will rush any site.
All Maps T CT Deagle Distraction by /u/x365 5 x deagle 5 x decoy.
Whenever you kill an enemy or if a teammate dies near you, you must suck its blood for approximately five seconds by crouching over its neck all the while making slurping noises.
Go for a ninja if possible while other teammates are creating havoc.
The other 4 teammates become the eyes of the player with the turned off monitor and have to guide him to try to win the round.
The other team mates must protect that person at all times.
Whoever doesn't obey is deemed a sinner and must spend the remainder of the round in Hell.
All Maps T CT Postplant Positions by /u/fxu1989 Once the bomb is planted, nobody can move.If you fall to the ground you must all run back to the respawn and start again.Smoke stratosphere hotel casino & tower best western premier collection an area, then smoke just past the previous one.3 go rush down drop, 1 goes towards B site and 2 jump out the window.I can't hear you!All Maps T CT Lone Survivor by /u/BasedStrelok Nade yourselves/shoot each other until you're all 20 HP or less, then proceed the round as usual.You are only allowed to use it once you get a kill with your pistol.Overpass T CT Disco Pants by /u/NessunoComeNoi Go to the disco-music area near T spawn.Teammates cannot stop to fire and must keep moving while shooting.