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Swtor nar shaddaa casino rewards

Paid subscription, valid AND accepted payment method OR paid game time card (IF available) required TO access subscription gameplay.
Account IS NON-transferable once used.
Reputation/Flashpoint Vendors, note: If you dont know how to obtain Prefab kits, check out this guide here.
You can add 9 more expansions åbne slotte på sjælland (5 rooms, 2 staircases, a garage and a balcony) for a total of 7 rooms, 2 staircases, a garage and a balcony.Legend 20 KDY Construction Kit 5 dronningens slot århus Universal Prefab MK-2, starship: Republic Bomber, republic.You can add 6 more rooms and a docking bay.Guild Stronghold Unlock Prices Price lotto tips and hearing today to unlock: 2 mil.Master Exhibit Datacrons can be found under achievements.31.6 mil with homestead unlock price included.Your reign over the galaxy has just begun its up to you to take Command!Default Occupancy: 5, Expansions:.Free*.5 mil or 6825.5 mil or 6825 CC 425 75, tatooine.5 m or 2500.0 mil or 7500.5 mil or 10100 CC 500 100, max hooks is the maximum number of decorations you can place with all expansions.lucasfilm IS required TO access gameplay.Faction, reputation, cost, sith Academy Obelisk, imperial None 25 Recovered Relics 10 Universal Prefab MK-3 Holocron of Ancient Masters Republic None 25 Recovered Relics 10 Universal Prefab MK-3 Makeb Reputation Vendor Manaan Flashpoint Vendor Oricon Reputation Vendor Decoration Reputation Cost Sith Mantlepiece Champion 1 Universal.Plus, now you can also check out emotes, moods, and rest-and-recharge abilities!Default Occupancy: 10, expansions:.Default occupancy: 5, Expansions: 9 Expansion Unlock Price Max Decorations Max Occupancy Cliffside Room South 2 mil 50 5 Cliffside Room North 2 mil 50 5 Docking Bay.6 mil 100 10 Room.25 mil 25 5 Room.25 mil 25 5 Room.
Purchase Price, cost for all expansions, total.
A galaxy full of new enemies, uneasy alliances, and dangerous choices awaits.
Max Hooks, max Occupancy, kaas City 5k or 50.44 mil or 3500.445 mil or 3550 CC 300 50, coruscant 5k or 50.44 mil or 3500.445 mil or 3550 CC 300 50, nar Shaddaa.Valkorion, arcann, thexan, vaylin, scorpio, pICK your allies, theron.Swtor Galactic Strongholds unlock prices and tours for each of the four apartment introduced with Galactic Stronghold expansion.Note: Beginning November 29, 2016, players with unused advanced character tokens in inventory can use them to play Knights of the Eternal Throne.Flashpoints, drops in both storymode and hardmode, usually bonus boss have a high chance.Max Occupancy: 75 Subscribers who subscribed by May 11 get 5 expansions (Northwest, Northeast, Vestibule, Main Room, East Staircase) for free.Operations, higher diffculty mode have higher drop rates, some drops from trash exclusive, others are from bosses.Default occupancy: 5, Expansions: 9 Expansion Unlock Price Max Decorations Max Occupancy Garage 750k 50 5 East Stairway 30k 20 5 West Stairway 30k 20 5 Balcony 3 mil 25 5 Main Room 75k 50 5 Living Quarters 75k 25 5 East Room 120k.Must BE 13 TO register.Swtor online service MAY BE discontinued.Join your most trusted allies and make your mark on the galaxy!Faction, reputation, cost, starship: Imperial Bomber, imperial.SEE euala FOR details.Total Cost: Subscribers who were subscribed by the defined date and get 5 expansions for free still need to pay.5 mil or 6825 CC to unlock everything.

Terms and Conditions * To qualify for the Knights of the Eternal Throne Pre-Order Rewards, the player must be a Premium player (subscriber status) as of the date listed by the reward.
Legend 20 KDY Construction Kit 5 Universal Prefab MK-2, korriban/Tython Flashpoint Vendor, decoration.