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Synonym sloth

Appears generally in the compound nma-rpa.
2) sensual desire, characterized by sakappa - rga.As such, it is one of the five nvaraa s (termed kmacchanda ) and one of the greatest obstacles to the brahmacariya.It is one of the four satipahna.Kma : sensuality, sensual desire, sensual pleasure and all that goes along with.Nearby Words 4-letter Words Starting With.Domanassa : do manas mental unpleasantness, grief, affliction, gloom.Duccarita : du carita bad conduct, misbehavior, erroneous action, wrong conduct, evil behavior.An intensified form of micchdihi is defined by the Buddha at.176.Almost synonym with magga.Some of them are brave protectors of the Buddha's teaching, while others are still deluded and conceited.Pahnasañ : pahna sañ perception of abandoning.It is an alternative appellation for the ariya ahagika magga.Contrasted with samparyika (belonging to a future state, to another world).Ptipta : pa atipta destruction of life.
Hallucigenia - Cambrian lifeform.
Hemicyclaspis - Jawless fish.
Kalya : fortunate, happy, advantageous, beautiful, pleasant, good, бонус коды для world of tanks бесплатно virtuous.
The fourth jhna is described as the basis for the attainment of iddhi s, and the six abhiñ s as stated for example at.102.Hongshanopterus - Pterosaur, ornithocheirid.Bhikkhu : person who has decided to dedicate his life to the practice of dhamma and adopts the medicant life, living on what is given spontaneously.They are described as taking interest in the righteousness and virtue of men at.37.3) teaching - whether of the Buddha or of some other teacher.They are thus described by the Buddha at.176.OooOooo P pabbajj : going forth, taking up of the ascetic life, becoming a paribbjaka.3) Object of sight, visible knuthenlund slot form.Ptimokkha : code of discipline applying to the bhikkhu.There are four of them: sexual intercouse, stealing, murder and lie regarding kortspil med fotos the stage of spiritual realization attained by oneself.It is one of the three types of tah.It is one of the three akusalamla.Iddhipdas lead to the matery of iddhi.

See particularly kusalamla and akusalamla.