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Takoon nova 2 wind range

takoon nova 2 wind range

Greater performance while keeping it simple is Takoon's driving concept.
The increased turning speed and exceptional light bar pressure are welcome changes to the Nova.
It's simpler to use, gives more autonomy, more riding time and increased safety.
This stability allows to the Nova2 to be more reactive.Sudden gusts of wind wont panic you any more!With the nova 2 you will feel in total control even in changing wind conditions.Revolutionary Shape: The shape of the kite has had a look-over under each seam: Leading edge diameter reduced by 10 for more aerodynamism.New wave control even in off-shore wave conditions.The whole concept which we are at the root of has now taken over as THE one to follow.The exclusive Nova2 bridle makes for a very stable kite because it fully supports the leading edge which undergoes important changes of pressure.Control bar with swivel system allows for endless rotations.You control your kite and its power at all times.The Nova 2 wraps all of these features into one kite to deliver: Huge wind range allowing you to fly in 80 of all wind conditions.Great in the waves, predictable in the jumps and the overall setup and quality is also great!Wind Range 3 sizes: 7, 9 and.The highest level of security.Huge hang time due to the high projected area of the kite.
It has so many customisable options on this kite - there is bound to be a setting for you!
By pulling the bar, the kite gains powers and accelerates.
The control system is particular to the kite but still has the usual characteristics: large chicken loop, adjustment strap, 4 line connection points.
Huge Hang time due to the high projected area of the kite.This unique integration of kite bar provides better power/depower control than any other hybrid or regular kite!This unique integration of Kite bar provides better power/depower control than any other classical kite.Performance and Freedom: The Takoon nova 2 will give you totally new sensations.The control bar also gives me the option to have it as a full safety SLE, part or no safety for unhooked riding.Light bar pressure for endless riding.Letting go of the bar will simply send the kite neutral.The lack of low end shouldn't be a problem for lighter riders or those who ride in predominantly strong wind conditions, but heavier riders kiting in lighter winds might find that they have to rig one size bigger or wait for the wind to pick.Therefore only 3 sizes are ever needed.While others look for new ways of making artificially the sport safer, takoon has concentrated its efforts on working on a whole concept which integrates both the control system and the kite.Description, based on the same concept as the original takoon which integrates both the control system and the kite, this approach is aimed at keeping the feel of the usual classical 4-line kite while at the same time enhancing the wind range, reinforcing security and.

Download Product / Instruction Manual (PDF) Reviews Easy, predictable and great in the waves!
You wil appreciate the wider wind range and ease or re-launch.
I found this review: Conclusion, the lack of feedback was the biggest concern that people had who flew the kite, but this is something that you can get used to after a while.