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What is pokerus

what is pokerus

An Egg infected with the Pokérus does not have this symbol on its summary screen.
Pokérus spreads from an infected Pokémon to a healthy one through battling or training with the infected Pokémon.
Later, Professor Oak began researching about the Pokérus and casino i malmø Team Rocket 's true intentions of using." Status icons In the anime In Oaknapped!,.It is advisable to try and keep Pokérus by putting the infected Pokémon into PC Box before midnight (12:00 AM as the virus only lasts one to four days.Trivia The Pokérus is an example of a mutualistic virus, in which both host and virus benefit.Starting in this Generation, the Pokérus will double the EVs obtained from the EV-enhancing items.When the PokéRus has gone through the specific amount of time that the strain allows it, the Pokémon will no longer be able to spread PokéRus and it will now have a face on the status screen." When called by the player: " Hello, player?Nurse's comments " Your Pokémon appear to have tiny life forms stuck to them.Nurse's comments " Your Pokémon may be infected with the Pokérus.If Y is 0 and X is nonzero, then the Pokémon is "cured" of the Pokérus.Macho Brace and Pokérus to get a substantial amount of EV's.It looks like your Pokémon may be infected with the Pokérus.Pokémon with Pokérus are often received by other Pokémon in a trade.The only benefit of doing so would be to allow other Pokémon to contract the virus.Other options include putting a Pokémon in the Day Care or sending it to Stadium 2 in Generation II, Pokémon Box Ruby Sapphire in Generation III, My Pokémon Ranch in Generation IV, or Pokémon Bank in Generation.
Pokérus has a 3 in 65,536 or approximately a 1 in 21,845 chance of being generated on one of the player 's Pokémon after a battle, making it rarer than encountering or hatching.
Apparently there's something called Pokérus that infects Pokémon.
Pokémon with the Pokérus will lose Pokérus eventually, and a small pink smile will appear on your Pokémon's status screen.
It is a beneficial mechanic that a Pokémon can obtain.In Generations II and III, a dot will appear on the Pokémon's status screen to indicate that they have had the virus previously, while in Generation IV and onward, it will be a small face.The infected Pokémon can infect other Pokémon with the virus for a period of one to four days.Little is known about the Pokérus, except that it is a microscopic life-form that attaches to Pokémon.Keep on battling until your entire team gets Pokérus.Also, it can only be contracted or cured in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.X values of 0 are not legitimate, since upon being "cured" the Pokémon would appear to have never had the Pokérus at all.If he is called back, he will claim that Pokémon will level up better with the Pokérus while infected.The, pokérus (Japanese: Pokérus from "Pokémon virus is a microscopic life-form that may attach.Don't worry, it will wear off.".