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This makes them less dangerous, though they would still do a lot of damage if they were to hit a town or city.
These rocks are known as near-Earth objects (NEOs).
It also makes them harder to spot.
The European Space Agency is casino in malmo sweden working on a mission called.(The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs is estimated to have been 7-10km across.) These heavyweights account for around 10 of the 10,000 or so known NEOs.In his 1994 book "Pale Blue Dot the science writer Carl Sagan pointed out that any technology capable of deflecting an asteroid away from Earth could also be used to place an otherwise unthreatening space rock on a collision course.Most, like 2012 DA14, are smaller.Lotto Sorcerer is unique in that it looks for non-random patterns and influences.But bigger lasers would provide more destructive options.They claim, perhaps rather optimistically, that their idea is feasible with current technology.To that end nasa, America's space agency, has been watching the sky since 1998, trying to detect any chunks of rock whose orbits bring them close to Earth.
It hit the ground (possibly landing in a lake) near another city, Chelyablinsk.
There are other approaches.
Even with lottery officials' attempts to make the drawings random, some weighted influence can alter the randomness.
The first line of defence, as always, is knowing your enemy.
Another non-violent proposal is to "paint" one side of an asteroid in light or dark colours, tweaking its trajectory via a neat bit of physics called the.
No one doubts that asteroids have hit Earth in the past, with nasty consequences, but because the chances of any such event happening in a given year are so low, most people have been content to ignore the risk.
Worrying about the threats posed by space rocks has traditionally been the preserve of the paranoid.Other researchers, meanwhile, have been pondering what to do if an asteroid is detected that is indeed on a collision course with Earth.The shock wave it caused as it passed overhead blew out windows and injured hundreds of people.Perhaps the most elegant, though least spectacular, solution involves parking a spacecraft called a "gravity tractor" in orbit around an asteroid, and relying on its gravity to tug the rock gently out of the way.The system could work in one of two ways.Today, however, a meteor was seen streaking through the sky above Yekaterinburg in Russia.Legal pedants might also point out that the 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty bans nuclear explosions in space.In the science-fiction film "Armageddon Bruce Willis leads a team of drillers who blast a dangerous asteroid apart using nuclear weapons, which has the pleasing symmetry of using one doomsday scenario to avert another.